miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

"No Fished Marlin Or Lions On A Beach, Just An Old Dog Living A Dream."

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David Aspinall dijo...


My name is David Aspinall and I am a reporter for Caters News, an international press agency based in the UK (

I love Cerbero and his travels and would love to do a story on him for the national newspapers.

If you're interested in working with me can you please get in touch on

Many thanks,

Flávia dijo...

Hola! Soy periodista de turismo en Brasil y me gustaría enviarte un e-mail con algunas preguntas sobre los viajes de Cerbero. Me puedes pasar un contacto, por favor? Mi e-mail es Gracias!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi! How did you do that? I find trouble to go anywhere with my pet ... how did you get authorization for him to use the metro or go to those amazing places??? Congrats!

Kayra Kfouri dijo...

first he is so cute and looks so happy! i really wanna do the same with my pet. but im afraid to do it and she doesnt get fine with the flights...especially the international one. im from latin america as well.
how you guys did this?please answer me!
did cerbero go up with you or down???

Paula dijo...

Hello, I wanna know the same as Kayra! I want to travel with my dog too!!

Cerbero Can dijo...

Hello , Thank you for writing.
Cerbero always goes in cabin with us, he behaves very well and sleeps all the flights.
I have a bag where i hide him in metros and taxis in places they dont allowed dogs.
Now we are in NY and we travel all the time in the metro and no body complain , i always carry him so he doesnt walk in the metro.
is fun!
thank you and hope you can also travel around with your dogs !!!!